Sanque´s Pride And Joy "Joyce"


Calvdale Car Chase
Calvdale Blak to the Future
Baldragon Back Again
Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Baldragon Broken Dream
Calvdale Take No Prisoners
Calvdale Take the Stand JW
Moscodees Merry Maid
Calvdale Quest of Fact JW
GB SH CH Calvdale Crimewatch JW
GB SH CH Wadeson Inspector Wexford
AUST CH Coorigil Constellation
Carskip Somebody Told Me Via Calvdale
SH CH Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Calvdale Chiming
SE U(u)CH Sanque´s Joy In Focus
SE U(u)CH Beresford Benefactor
GB SH CH Mompesson Royal Desteny
GB SH CH Mompesson Blinking Hell
GB SH CH Trimere Time To Remember From Mompesson
Beresford Love Me Do
GB SH CH Calmolly Peter Piper
Beresford So Be It
Beeline Party Paintwork
SE U(u)CH NO UCH Sanque´s Perry Mason
Sanque´s Kevin Costner
Sanque´s It´s A Miracle
Beeline Belive It Or Not
SE U(u)CH Springertorpets Hassan
Beeline Make Belive