We are sooo proud!! Today we got a copy of Quiz Hunting Champion Diploma! Congratulations again Susan & Quiz!

Quiz hunting certificate
Quiz Hunting CH diploma



Another successful weekend!!!
SSRK Åstorp, judge Jens Karlsson kennel Atr-Wave´s Sweden
Baggbo Fater and Son "Alex" (SE VCH With Touch Purple Rain x Baggbo Black Baby Coco) wins BOB & BIS-3 in puppy class 2, seven months old!!

Sanque´s Pride and Joy "Joyce" (Calvdale Car Chace x SE U(u)CH Sanque´s Joy in Focus) is winning her 2nd CC from intermediate class in only 3 shows!!! Joyce ended as 2nd best bitch in the show!!

Sanque´s Pride and Joy "Joyce"

Baggbo Father and Son "Alex"



With Touch Great Gatsby´s son Milhällans Go For It "Edvard"has today done his show debut with great result!! Edvard wins BOB & BIG-4!!! Judge was the successful Labrador breeder Yvonne Westerlund, kennel Smart Fellows´s. CONGRATULATIONS to Edvard and kennel Milhällan, well done!!

Milhällan´s Go For It "Edvard"



What a birthday present!!!
MH MHA With Touch Quiz Academy "Quiz" ( SE U(u)CH Mistily´s Sky News x With Touch Makin´Whoopee) has since earlier a MASTER HUNTER titel, today he is the first dog born outside the USA vinning a MASTER HUNTER ADVANCE titel!!! This is fantastic!!! Proud owner is Susan Graf Burlingame in the USA.
We at kennel With Touch send many CONGRATULATIONS to Quiz and Susan!!!

MH MHA With Touch Quiz Academy "Quiz"



What a weekend!!!
SSRK Smedjebacken, judge Erna-Britt Nordin Sweden
Baggbo Fater and Son "Alex" (SE VCH With Touch Purple Rain x Baggbo Black Baby Coco) wins BOB & BIS-4 five months old in puppy class 1!!
Sanque´s Pride and Joy "Joyce" (Calvdale Car Chace x SE U(u)CH Sanque´s Joy in Focus) CC and best bitch 2 from intermediate class!!

Last but not least - SE VCH LP2 With Touch Royal Black "Smokey" (Calvdale Car Chase x SE U(u)CH NO UCH SE VCH With Touch Irish Rose) takes his 2nd FIRST PRICE in a row in obedience class 2!! And this is not enough, Smokey is also the winning dog in the class of 8 dogs!!! Smokey has since earlier 1 price in obedience class 1. We send our warmest CONGRATULATIONS to Smokey´s clever owner, trainer and handler Jeanette Wedholm for another title to Smokey, WELL DONE!!!

Baggbo Father and Son "Alex"

Sanque´s Pride and Joy "Joyce"

SE VCH LP2 With Touch Royal Black "Smokey"



SSRK Härnösand, judge Jan-Erik Ek Sweden
What for a day, we are sooo happy!!!! Flame took her 3rd CC and finaled her Show Champion title!! After she went BOS!!!

Flames son Scott (With Touch Great Gatsby) took one more RCC, his third. He also has
3 CC´s to his credit but need one more after two years old to complete his SH CH title.

BOB/BOS Härnösand
BIR NO SHCH SE SHCH Stardom Special Effect BIM SE SHCH With Touch Naughty Marietta
Fhoto: Annika Sanchez



Scotts lovely doughter Baggbo Universal Gravitation "Higgs" at 6 months!

Baggbo Universal Gravitation



SKK Nat Hässleholm, judge Jens Karlsson kennel Art-Wave´s Sweden
Scott (WT Great Gatsby) did a nice 1st in open, he ended as 4th mest male with one more RCC!!

With Touch Great Gatsby



Chase son and Scott´s half brother, Bh Kahill`s Black Nightshade got today one more title to his credit - Norwegian Show Champion!!! Gongratulations!! Well done Ellen & Colin!!

Colin NO UCH
BH NO UCH Kahill´s Black Nightshade
Photo Ellen Getz Wold



Got this mail today from the US today.
Quiz passed his 5th leg today.....he is now a MASTER HUNTER!!!!!  I do not believe there
are many dogs that have won 5 legs in a row!!!! This is a tremendous feat! A very good
With Touch boy!!!! I am sooooo proud!!!

Each leg has 4 different tests they must pass in order to win a ribbon. They
must win 5 ribbons in order to get their Master title. That is twenty consecutive
tests that Quiz completed AND passed!!!!

Congratulatins, well done Susan & Quiz, we are so proud of you!!!

With Touch Quiz Academy



New pic`s of With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott" 2 years old.

Scott huvudbild



With Touch Stardust "Suz" 2,5 år years old.

With Touch Stardust



SSRK Kungsör, judge Tarja Hovila kennel Adamant´s Finland
Scott (WT Great Gatsby) 1st in intermediate class with CK. Mother Flame (WT Naughty Marietta once more RCC, her second!!

With Touch Naughty Marietta


Januari 2012

Scott is flying in the new year!

Scott flyger
With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott"



We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy new year!
Hope you will be following us at the website even this year!
We are now starting a new page for news of year 2012 but if you are interested we have archivced last years news.