Swedish Kennel Club International show in Stockholm, judge for the males was Svein Helgesen Norway.
We had a great final of the show year 2010! Our wonderful Scott won the junior class with CC-quality and a ticket to Crufts 2011!!!
The day before the show he selebrated his 10 month birthday!

Scott huvudbild
Scott 10 months
Scott 10 månaderScott 10 months. Photo: Ellen Getz Wold.



Anna, Anna, Anna!! You would not believe how many people commented on what BEAUTIFUL & CLEVER dogs I have. One of the judges told me Quiz is an amazing hunting dog! Flag made an INCREDIBLE retrieve!! Some even said a Master dog would have found it the retrieve difficult. Flag had NO problem finding it and he didn't even get a chance to mark it (see where it landed)!! It was a GORGEOUS retrieve!

A super weekend at the Cedartown GA Hunt Test. Quiz and Flag qualified BOTH days!!! On Sunday Quiz was one of three (out of six entered) who earned a ribbon (his third Senior) and Flag was one of two (out of ten entries) who earned a ribbon (his third Junior)! We may have to return in Feb to compete for titles!!!

Quiz hunting
Quiz on the hunt



Saturday - Norwegian Spaniel Club anniversary show in Oslo. Domare Colin & Kay Woodward kennel Wadeson UK.
With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott" did his debut in junior class excatly 9 months old. He won the class with CK!! Critique: Nice sharped head, nice dark eye. Good legs, feet & bone. Good neck shape. Nice big ribs. Well balanced. Good quarters. Nice mover, Colin Woodward.
With Touch Naughty Marietta "Flame" was placed as number 4 with CK in a huge open class. Critique: Good type & size. Fem. head, expressive eye. Good flow of neck to sholders. Body and chest proportions goog. Well rounded quarters. Sound steady mover, Kay Woodward.

Sunday - Nordic Winner show in Oslo, judge Moragh Bolton-Lockhart Scottland.
Scott was placed as number 4 with Hp in a large junior class, only 9 months old compete with up to 18 months old dogs. Critique: Promising young dog. Good bone, legs & feet. Good quarters. Ample depth for age. Moved well. Only young but will mature nicely.
Flame, repeat from yesterday - 4 with CK in same huge open class bitches. Critique: Quality bitch. Very nice type. Good body shape. Nicely balanced. Good bend of stifle. Vell presented.



Swedish Spaniel & Retriever show in Falun, judge Jens Karlsson kennel Atr-Wave´s Sweden.
This was Scott´s last show in puppy class. Scott won BOB puppy and later on BIS-4 puppy!! Judge in the final puppy ring was Helene Björkman kennel Barecho Sweden. Scott´s mum Flame (WT Naughty Marietta) won the open class and ended as 5th best bitch. She lack one more CC for her show champion title.

BOS High Score Come Catch Me BOB With Touch Great Gatsby, in the middle, judge Jens Karlsson.



With Touch Quiz Academy "Quiz" won his first ribbon toward for the Senior Hunt Test!!!!!
Congratulations to owner Susan Burlingame in the USA, well done, we are proud of you!!

Quiz with owner Susan Burlingame and trainer Joe DeMarkis



Litter brothers With Touch Catcher in the Rye "Imse" and With Touch Ragtime "Orvar" has been on their second show in puppy class. Imse won BOB & BIG-4, Orvar was number two with prize of honour!!!
Congratulations to the sisters and owners Susanne Hesslund and Anette Hult, well done again!!
Imse and Orvar is litter brothers to our own Scott.

Imse 7 månader
Imse 7 months
Orvar 7 månaderOrvar 7 months



Clever With Touch Purple Rain "Prince" won his first competition in Rally obedience in beginners class!! He had the best result (87 points) of 24 dogs!!! Congratulations to owner and trainer Maria Söderström, well done!!

Prince in action!



We got lovely head photo of With Touch Romance in Black "Doris" (Calvdale Car Chase x SE VCH SE U(u)CH NO UCH With Touch Irish Rose). Proud owners are family Bogren.

Doris nearly 2 years old



NO UCH SE U(u)CH NO VCH SE VCH With Touch Designed for You (SE UCH INT UCH NO UCH Orrlyran´s Hunter x SE U(u)CH Mistily´s Moonlight Serenade) 10 years old and in perfect condition! Proud owner is Ellen Getz Wold, kennel Kahill Norway.

Jenny 10 years old
Jenny 10 years old. Fhoto: Ellen Getz Wold



ESSC Open Show Gävle/Dala, judge Mrs Fran Glendinning kennel Plaiglen UK.

An other great day for mother and son!! With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott" BOB puppy class 2 & BIS-2 puppy! Mother Flame, winner of open class and third best bitch.

First words in Flame´s critique was "Lovely old fashion look"...

Scott 6 månader
With Touch Great Gatsby 6 months old
Flame With Touch Naughty Marietta



More lovely news! With Touch Royal Black "Smokey" (Calvdale Car Chase x SE VCH SE NO UCH With Touch Irish Rose) new tracking champion today. Smokey´s new title is SE VCH!! Congratulations to the owner Jeanette Wedholm, well done!!!

Smokey SE VCH
SE VCH With Touch Royal Black



Swedish Kennel Club International Show in Visby, judge Martin Johansson Sweden.

With Touch Naughty Marietta "Flame" winning second CC in two days!! She was also this day 2 best bitch. As this was an international show she won Reserve-CACIB!! Flame´s son WT Great Gatsby "Scott" BOS puppy!

BOB & BOS puppy Visby
Big Brassel Caramel Chew Chew BOB puppy With Touch Great Gatsby BOS puppy
Photo: Katarina Rosenblad

Head study of Scott 6 months old
Head study of Scott 6 months

Flame CC Visby
Flame wins second CC in Visby

Flame on the move
Flame on the move



Vara Grästorp Open Show. Two litter brothers has debut at show in puppy class 1! With Touch Ragtime "Orvar"with owner Anette Hult BOB puppy!! With Touch Catcher in the Rye "Imse" with owner Susanne Hesslund, kennel Tailwind 2 male puppy with prize of honour! Congratulations!!
The both boys are by Calvdale Car Chase out of With Touch Naughty Marietta.

Orvar 5 months head study
Orvar 5 months

Orvar 5 months
Orvar 5 months

Imse 5 months head study
Imse 5 months

Imse 5 months
Imse 5 months



Swedish Kennel Club National Show in Visby. Judge the Swedish breed specialist Annika Ulltveit-Moe kennel Whishborne.

What a great day!!! With Touch Naughty Marietta "Flame" (DK NO UCH GB SHCH Chaigmarsh Orchid x SE VCH SE NO UCH With Touch Irish Rose) economical shown winning her first CC & 2 best bitch!! Flame´s son WT Great Gatsby "Scott" BOB puppy! In the final ring among about 100 puppies he was short listed.

Flame cert Visby

Scott BOB puppy Visby
Scott 6 months



Head study of With Touch Memory and Dream "Kizmin" at 5 months of age.

Kizmin head study
Kizmin 5 months



Köpings Kennel Club. With Touch Memory and Dream "Kizmin" BOB & BIG-3, litter brother With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott" BOS in puppy class 1!! Both are from the "Classical-litter" (Calvdale Car Chase x With Touch Naughty Marietta).

Kizmin 5 månader
Kizmin 5 months



More lovely champion news! With Touch Sultan of Swing "Sigge" (Calvdale Car Chase x Kahill´s Damsel in Distress) new tracking champion today. Sigge´s new title is SE VCH!! Congratulations to the owner Cecilia Thun, well done!!!

Sigge SE VCH
SE VCH With Touch Sultan of Swing 16 months



Södertälje BK Open Show. With Touch Great Gatsby "Scott" BOS in puppy class 1.

Scott 5 m
Scott 5 months



Möklinta Kennel Club. With Touch Heart of the Matter BOB & BIG-5 puppy class 1, owner kennel Gästgifvaregården, CONGRATULATIONS Mia!! Our boy With Touch Great Gatsby BOS.

Scott & Leila
WT Great Gatsby & WT Heart of the matter



We have got lovely news! With Touch Non Stop "Donna" (DK NO UCH GB SHCH Chaigmarsh Orchid x SE VCH SE NO UCH With Touch Irish Rose) new tracking champion today. Donna´s new title is SE VCH!! Congratulations to the owner Jeanette Wedholm, well done!!!

SE VCH With Touch Non Stop "Donna"



A lot of new pictures of the puppies at 9 weeks. We still have some puppies left, looking for new loving homes. Please don't hesitate to contact us if interested!




Anna has got a new number to the cell phone + 46 - (0) 70-692 85 90 from March 23.



New pictures of the puppies now 7 weeks old. They have all got names from old classic books and you can see them all at puppy page!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

WT Gone With The Wind
WT Gone With The Wind



Pictures of the puppies at 2,5 weeks. Below is one of the males but you can see all nine of them at puppy page.

Male 3



On february 17 Flame gave birth to 9 puppies. They are all strong and healthy and Flame is doing just fine.
We got 6 males and 3 bitches; two males are black/white and four liver/white. Two of the bitches are black/white and one liver/white.

If you are interested in a puppy or just want to know more about the litter, please don't hesitate to give us a call.





SSRK Mjölby, judge Christina Daniels, kennel Mistily´s, one of our absolute breed speciailists, 32 adult ESS.

This was Suz (With Touch Stardust) second official show in junior class and what a success!! CC and 3rd best bitch, amazing!!

Some fun to know is that my broad bitch was born at kennel Mistily´s. "Kikki" as I called her got her first CC at 9 months of age and was also BOB and BIS!

With Touch Stardust

With Touch Stardust



We're expecting puppies mid february!!

With Touch Naughty Marietta ”Flame” has been mated to Calvdale Car Chase ”Chase”. More information at puppy page.

Calvdale Car Chase

With Touch Naughty Marietta

With Touch Naughty Marietta



SSRK Strömsholm, judge Marie Engström Sverige. 66 adult ESS.
Our With Touch Stardust ”Suzan” did her debut i junior class 9 months old. She won her class and finished 5th best bitch!!

With Touch Stardust