We recieved a lovely christmascard from Kennel Calvdale.
These two beautiful Springer Spaniels are our Martys father GB SH CH Calvdale Softly Softly JW and his littersister GB SH CH Claire Blake JW.

Photo: Kipps

Mildred is now inseminated with frozen semen from Rodney and we are looking forward to our AI-litter! More information about the combination on puppypage.


HUND2006, Stora Stockholm.
Jjudge males Hilda Parkinson UK, judge bitches Anne Webster UK. 126 adult ESS. SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime 5th best male in championclass out of 12.
10 month old With Touch Makin´Whoopee 4th best junior bitch with CK (certificate quality) out of 16 junior bitches.
SVCH With Touch Irish Rose 2nd in open class out of 23 and f finished as 5th best bitch!


New pictures of our little princess Whoopee (With Touch Makin´Whoopee), almost 11 months old.

With Touch Makin´Whoopee

SSRK Hammarö, judge Christian Geelmuyden, Norway. 25 puppies, 61 adult ESS.
Kahill´s Damsel in Distress finished her first year by winning BOS in Puppycass 1!
SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime ended 4th best male and SVCH With Touch Irish Rose 5th best bitch. Onlya an inch from the certificate!
One more certificate and she will be Swedish and Norwegian champion.

BOB Barecho Just A Striking Image & BOS Kahill´s Damsel in Distress.
Photo: Pinifarinas

With Touch Meadow Mint (Ch Calvdale Partners in Crime - Ch With Touch Irish Rose)
10 months old. Owner Dita Michlová, Czech Republic.

With Touch Meadow Mint  

Nordic winner show 2006 in Hamar, Norway. Judge Sally Leslie, UK. 77 ESS

What a day, just FANTASTIC!!!
Only 10 month old With Touch Miles Davis (Ch Calvdale Partners in Crime - Ch With Touch Irish Rose) wins juniorclass with HP and the title NORD JUNIOR W-06!!
But it didn't stop there, he also wins the open concurense with CERTIFICATE!!
Our little prince finish as third best male at this show!!
Congratulations and a lot of hugs to Janne Kirknes in Norway who owns little Davis!!

Photo: Tore


Congratulations to Lena Vängbo, kennel Creebay, with Creebay Fuzzy Feeling
to SU(u)CH (swedish show champion)!!
This is the fifth progeny of SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller´s 5:te in only a very few litters who is champion.

Foto: SU(u)CH Creebay Fuzzy Feeling

SSRK Grängesberg, judge Tord Lundborg, Sweden. 61 adult ESS.
Puppies were judged by Kurt Nilsson, Sweden. Kahill´s Damsel in Distress placed 2nd with HP in puppyclass 1.
SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime placed as 4th best male.
With Touch Makin´Whoopee, almost 10 months old, won her class again with CK (certificate quality)!
SVCH With Touch Irish Rose placed 5th best bitch.
Our breedinggroup consisting of 4 different combinations got HP (Price of Honour).

SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners In Crime

Kahill's Damsel in Distress

With Touch Makin´Whoopee


SSRK Mjölby, judge Johan Juslin, Finland. 62 adult ESS. Kahill´s Damsel in Distress 4,5 months old and did her debut in the showring. She placed 2nd best in puppyclass 1 with HP (price of honour). The judges written opinion was very nice and ended with "promising puppy".

CH Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty" won the championclass and got a 5th place in best male, he was the only male out of championclass who was placed in best male. Marty also had his first breedingclass who got placed BIS-2 in the finals!!

WT Makin´Whoopee did her dubut in juniorclass. She won her class with CK (certificate quality) and the judges written opinion ended with "very promisning"!!

In youthclass WT Kiss of No Return placed 4th with CK out of 13 bitches. She is owned by Åsa & Hasse Thulin.

WT Kansaas City got her 1st price in youthclass and is now Swedish Bloodtracking Champion!! Lots of congratulations to owners Gun & Håkan Borén! Well done! She is now the second SVCH out of her litter, and yet another two siblings are merited in tracking!

WT Irish Rose placed 5th with CK out of 15 bitches in open class.

Our breeders group consisted of WT Kiss of No Return, WT Irish Rose, WT Kansaas City and WT Makin´Whoopee. The group got Best Group in the breed with HP and was later on placed as BIS-2!!


New picture of With Touch Miles Davis 9 months old. "Davis" is litter-brother to our WT Makin´Whoopee and is owned by Janne Kirknes in Norway.
We wish Janne and Davis good luck for the shows coming up this winter!

With Touch Miles Davis

New pictures of our two youngest girls; With Touch Makin' Whoopee, now 8 months old, and Kahill's Damsell in Distress, now 3 months old.
You can se all the pictures on their own pages.

Kahill's Damsell in Distress
With Touch Makin' Whoopee

Today our beloved Melvin (SUCH Tailwind´s Elliot) has left us.
Melvin is forever a piece of my heart, he was an outstanding male. So tolerant and with a great self confidence. Ha was for many years the natural companion to our puppies, ha had the patience of an angel.

Melvin was wonderful to train and a natural retriever. He truly enjoyed hunting, and always showed such great will to please. At two years of age ha had a 2nd price in intermediate and a 1st price in open class in field trial.

As puppie Melvin had a great showcareer. He continiued with 4 CC's until reaching the age of 2 yrs and becoming Swedish showchampion. He recieved his CC's from breedspecialists as Annika Ulltveit-Moe and John Hartigan.

After his showcareer Melvin has lived his life as familydog and huntingdog. He has been a very welcome dog at invitational hunts. Thanks to Eva and Janne for taking such good care of my prince Melvin during his last years!

Melvin has sired only a few litters but has left showchampions in Sweden and Norway, BIS-winning dogs, huntingqualified dogs, bloodtrackingchampions and a "bomb-dog" who was later retrained as guidedog. About this superb male who lives and works with his owner in Norway there was an article in Våre Spaniels not long ago.

Melvin will live on through our little Peach (Kahill´s Damsel in Distress) who he is grandfather to. When you read this I am sure you understand why Peach has moved in with us. Thanks again Ellen!
He will also be with us through his sister Katla (SU(u)CH Tailwind´s Esmeralda) who also is the mother to our CH With Touch Irish Rose and With Touch Kookaburra. Thanks to Susanne for letting us breed from Katla not only once, but twice!

Sleep tight my love. I will always remember you with joy and warmth in my heart.

SUCH Tailwind's Elliot

Today we've got two new champions!!
With Touch Knight Errant got his merit in showing today at SSRK Dingtuna and there by recieved his SVCH (Swedich Bloodtrackingchampion)! 
With Touch Hit or Miss had two 1st prices in open class at bloodtracking since last year and today he got his third, at his first try this year. This means SVCH for him too!!!
Congratulations and hugs to owners Jenny Lundin and Ewa & Jan Jangsäter!

With Touch Kiss of No Return did her first start in open class at bloodtracking and recieved a 1st price! Well done! Congratulations to Hasse & Åsa Thulin!

SSRK Dingtuna, judge Karin Linde-Klerholm, Sweden. 71 adult ESS. SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime BOB and BIS-4!
BIS judge was Bjarne Sörensen, Norway.

SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime

With Touch Georgia competed i higher class tracking in Stenungsund and is now qualified for the elite class!! Amazing, we are so proud!!!
Lots of congratulations to Ina's owner, Ingrid Röjelid!


With Touch Irish Rose " Mildred" will be inseminated with GB SH CH NUCH DKUCH Chaigmarsh Orchid. This will be so exciting!!!
We send a huge thank you to Ellen Getz Wold and Wenche Farstad for makin this possible one more time!
We are so pleased, in every way, with our last Rodney-litter.

Read more about the combination at puppiepage and current litter »

GB SH CH NUCH DKUCH Chaigmarsh Orchid

We wish With Touch Miles Davis good luck in Norway!
Today my little prince has moved to Janne Kirknes in Röros, Norway. He now lives together with his grandfather Fuzzie (S NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller). 
Davis is after SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners in Crime and SVCH With Touch Irish Rose and litterbrother to our WT Makin´Whoopee.


New picture of With Touch Miles Davis now 8 months old.


With Touch Kansaas City has now got her third firstprice at bloodtracking!!
Lots of congratulations to Gun & Håkan Borén!
Only a merit in showing missing to become Swedish Bloddtracking Champion (SVCH)!


NKK Stavanger Norge, judge Frank W Bjerklund, Norway.
SVCH With Touch Irish Rose, CC and R-CACIB for one of our great breedspecialists!!
Now Mildred has got CC's in three of the Nordic countries!
Critics: Beautiful bitch, nice lines. Feminin well shaped head. Excellent neck and shoulder, nice body, excellent topline. Good bone, excellent coat. Moves very nice. Well presented and in excellent condition.

With Touch Hit or Miss was also with us and won the larges class of the day, only an inch from the CC! 3rd best male and the only male in open class with CC qualtity!!

With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred"

With Touch Juicy Lucy approved Field Trial ability test in Finland!!!
Congratulations to Heli Rummukainen kennel Ancer´s & familjen Kopakka Finland!


Many congratulations to Jenny and Vitus (With Touch Knight Errant)
to three first prices in a row in only 9 days!!
Now we are only waiting for Vitus to become 15 months in order to get his merits in showing to become Swedish Bloodtracking champion!


New picture of With Touch Miles Davis 7 months old.


One more 1st price at bloodtracking for Vitus (With Touch Knight Errant)!!
Congratulations Jenny, well done. Two 1st prices in a row!!


SKK INT Nyköping, judge Ola Eriksson, Sweden.
With Touch Makin' Whoopee BOB puppyclass 2! (unfortunately we couldn't stay for the finals).
With Touch Hit or Miss, CC and 3rd best male!! "Ludde" is now the third doh from H-litter with CC in showing. Congratulations to Eva & Jan Jangsäter!
With Touch Kiss Of No Return won the juniorclass with CK (CC-quality)!!! Congratulations
to Hasse & Åsa Thulin!!

With Touch Hit or Miss
With Touch Kiss Of No Return

SKK INT Norrköping, judge Kari Haave, Sweden.
With Touch Makin' Whoopee BOS puppyclass 2, beaten by her half-brother Deming's Toddy Tod! Both of them puppies out of our Marty.
SU(u)CH SVCH Calvdale Partners In Crime 3rd best male.
With Touch Kiss Of No Return did her first show and won a large juniorclass with HP!
She is the second one from K-litter to win a large juniorclass, the first one was our own Nora (With Touch Kookaburra). Congratulations owners Hasse & Åsa Thulin!

With Touch Hit or Miss
With Touch Kiss Of No Return

The K-litter strikes again at bloodtracking!
A 1st price in open class for Vitus (With Touch Knight Errant) on his first try!
Congratulations Jenny! Well done!!


Three 1st prices in a row!
Our Marty (SU(u)CH Calvdale Partners In Crime) is now Swedish Bloodtrackingchampion!!


We welcome Kahill´s Damsel in Distress to Sweden.
Thank you so much Ellen, we are very grateful for little Peach!


With Touch Georgia competed in searching - higher class. The result; 541 points and qualified for elite class!
Many gratulations to Ingrid Röjelid, you are great!!! 


A 1st price in bloodtracking for NUCH With Touch Indianapolis in Norway!!
Congratulations to Lill-Tove Ottesen, well done!


Marty (SU(u)CH Calvdale Partners In Crime) got his second 1st price in bloodtracking!


With Touch Late Date approved Field Trial ability test in Finland!!!
Congratulations to kennel Hightide´s & kennel Fariinin in Finland!


NSK Oslo, judge puppies Geir Aronsen, Norge. Judge adults Eva Mjelde, Norge.
With Touch Makin´Whoopee BOS puppy.
SVCH With Touch Irish Rose 4th best bitch.


Another 1st price in open class at bloodtracking! This one for With Touch Kansaas City, on her second try!!
Congratulations Gun & Håkan Borén!


Three 1st prices in a row and our With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" is now SVCH (Swedish bloodtracking champion)!

SU(u)CH Clavdale Partners in Crime "Marty" started open class in bloodtracking for his first time and got a 1st price!


After a long time of waiting she will soon be here; our little Peach!
She is 7 weeks old at pictures.


With Touch Kansaas City did her first start in open class at bloodtracking and got a 1st price!!
Congratulations to Gun & Håkan Borén, well done!!


Mikkeli International All Breed Show, judge Lilian Hanniste, Estland.
What a fantastic day! FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses can now be called INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION with todays CACIB witch is his 16th if I'm not wrong!!!
And that wasn't all, Moses also got BOB and ended as group-3!
Many hugs to Antti and Tarja!!

FIN CH FIN JW-04 INT CH With Touch Holy Moses


Today With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" got her second 1st price in open class at bloddtracking!


With Touch Irish Rose got a firstprice in open class at bloodtracking on her first try!


Marty (SU(u)CH Calvdale Partners in Crime) and three of his daughters started and passed their bloodtrackingtest today!
Congratulations to Hasse & Åsa Thulin with With Touch Kiss Of No Return and to Gun & Håkan Borén with With Touch Kansaas City!!
The third daughter is our own With Touch Kookaburra.

Torbjörn with Marty and Nora, Gun with Tindra, the judge and Hasse with Lexi


SKK Borås, judge Tord Lundborg Sweden.
CC and 2nd best bitch With Touch Irish Rose.
4th best bitch With Touch Invisible Dream. Owner kennel Sörlyckan & Ann Andersson.
2nd in juniorclass with CC-guality With Touch Kookaburra.
3rd best male SU(u)CH Calvdale Partners In Crime.


NSK Trondheim, judge Jessie Borregard Madsen, Denmark.
Tough game for our danish breedspecialist, only three CC-quality was given out.
SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller won the championclass and ended as 2nd best male. Congratulation Janne!

SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller


SSRK Rottneros, judge Jostein Halvorsen Norge
CC, BOB and showchampion to Calvdale Partners In Crime!
Kritik: 2 yrs of excellent tyoe and size. Beautiful head, very good neck, well angled shoulder. Nice bodylenght and hindquarters. All through a harmonical springer of high quality! Champion today, congratulations!

SU(u)CH Calvdale Partners in Crime

CC and BOS to Touch Irish Rose who hasn't been shown for a year!
Critic: 2,5 yrs feminin of excellent type and size. Beautiful head with correct expression. Good neck placed on excellent shoulder. Nice ribs, well constructed hind witch makes her move typical for her breed. Well presented!

With Touch Irish Rose

BIS-puppy With Touch Makin´Whoopee!
Critic: 5,5 months old, feminin of excellent type. Beautyful head, dark eyes. Excellent neck and shoulder. Wellproportioned body for her age. Lovely temperament. Welldeveloped ribs. Moves with nice lenght and typical springer-expression. Promissing.

With Touch Makin' Whoopee

2nd in juniorclass with CC-quality to With Touch Kookaburra!

NKK Trondheim, judge Bertil Lundgren Sverige
CC and NUCH to With Touch Indianapolis!
Congratulations to owner Lill-Tove Ottesen!

With Touch Indianapolis


Kirkenes Norge, judge Eeva Rautala, Finland. CC number three and BOB for With Touch Indianapolis!! Unfortunately they couldn't stay until the finals.
Lots of congratulations to owner Lill-Tove Ottesen!


Congratulations to Jenny Åhman and With Touch Just Jazz who passed thier bloodtrackingtest today! Well done!


New picture of With Touch Late Date (CH Chaigmarsh Orchid-With Touch Easter Sweets) 11 months old. Owner kennel Hightide´s & kennel Fariinin, Finland. 

With Touch Late Date


Forssa All Breed Show Finland, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland.
FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses BOS!
Congratulations to Antti and Tarja!


Mänttä All Breed Show Finland, judge Kari Salminen from Finland.
FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses does it again and wins BOB and BIG!!
Congratulations to Antti and Adamant´s!

FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses


With Touch Invisible Dream passed their bloddtrackingtest!
Congratulations to Birgitta Larsson & the Andersson family!


New pictures of our puppies With Touch Miles Davis and With Touch Makin' Whoopee who is now 4,5 months old. See their own pages for more info and pictures!

With Touch Miles Davis 4,5 months old


Congratulations to Jenny and Vitus (With Touch Knight Errant) who passed the bloodtracking test! Well done!!


Jämsäkoski Group Show, judge Laila Kärkäs from Finland.
BOB to FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses!!
Congratulations to Antti & Adamant´s!


New pictures of our beloved SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller just after his fourth birthday. Many warm wishes to Janne who is keeping him in such good condition!
Good luck with forthcoming shows!

"Fuzzy" 4 years old


Aptus All Breed International Finland, judge Laila Kärkäs from Finland.
Yet another CACIB and BOS to FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses!!
Congratulations to Antti and Tarja!


SSRK Skokloster, judge puppyclass was David Shields, England.
14 puppies participated in puppyclass I. It was With Touch Miles Davis "Davis" and With Touch Makin´Whoopee "Whoopee" premiere in the showring at just 4 months old, and they did very well. Davis got placed 2nd with HP in a class of 7 malepuppies.

"Very well made puppy who has lovely balance troughout. Very good head and expression, pleasing reach of neck, nice layback shoulders with good length of upper arm. Good spring of rib for his age. Lovely sound mover"

Whoopee just loved to show her self off!
She enjoyed every second and truly showed her perfect gait with her tail constantly wagging. She won her class and got BOS only beaten by a 1½ month older malepuppy.
It was 7 bitches in Whoopees class and just as her brother sho got a really nice critic:

"Lovely type of baby. Best of heads which is so well balanced and has a very good eye and expression. Very clean over the neck and shoulders. Very good front with pleasing legs and feet, well developed quaters for her age. Very sound happy mover"

New pictures of With Touch Makin' Whoopee and her brother With Touch Miles Davis at 4 months old.
By clicking their names abowe you'll get straight to their own pages.

With Touch Makin' Whoopee
With Touch Miles Davis

Hammerfest Norge, judge Svein Helgesen, Norway. With Touch Indianapolis (littersister of WT Irish Rose) is sparsely shown but this time she won her 2nd CC and also her 2nd BOB! She finally got Best Of Group-4!!

Congratulations to Lill-Tove Ottesen Norge! Well done!!


Lahti INT Show Finland, judge Hans Lehtinen from Finland. Moses does it again!!!!
CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses wins his 4th CACIB + BOS at his 4th show this year under the legendary judge Hans Lehtinen!

Congratulations Antti & Tarja! 

CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses

SSRK Show in Uddevalla, judge Frank Kane, England. 90 annonced ESS.
We are so happy to tell you that our only 9 month old With Touch Kookaburra won her first juniorclass, among 19 juniorbitches, with a CC-quality!

"Top quality. Beatiful condition. Excellent proporsions. She is a beautiful young bitch!"
/Frank Kane


With Touch Kookaburra

New picture of With Touch Invisible Dream (sister of With Touch Irish Rose).
Owners Birgitta Larsson & Ann Andersson.

With Touch Invisible Dream

Tampere International All Breed Finland, judge Christian Geelmuyden, Norway.
With Touch Late Date, 8½ months old, on his first show. The result: BOB-puppy!!
Concratulations to his owners, kennel Hightides and kennel Fariinin, Finland!

'8 months. Exellent proportions. Nice balanced head. Good neck & topline. Body with good subtance for age. Good layback shoulders. Nicely set tail. Well angulated both ways. Very good movements, covering a lot of ground.' / Christian Geelmuyden

With Touch Late Date

Halfbrother FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses was also there and recieved one more CACIB, his 14th!! Moses got second best male.
Congratulations to Antti and kennel Adamant´s, Finland!

With Touch Holy Moses

The puppies have now moved to their new homes and we wish them all luck!

With Touch Miles Davis and With Touch Makin´Whoopee stays with us.
Today they are 9 weeks old and we celebrate that with new pictuers!

With Touch Miles Davis 9 weeks old
With Touch Makin' Whoopee 9 weeks old

New pictuers of the puppies (Calvdale Partners In Crime - With Touch Irish Rose) can be seen at puppypage. They are now 8 weeks old.

With Touch Makin' Whoopee

Congratultions to Ingrid Röjelid and With Touch Georgia for their success in search and tracking. We are so proud of you!


The puppies after Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty" and With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" are now 7 weeks old. New pictuers can be seen at puppypage where you also can read more about the litter and the parents.

The male 7 weeks old

New pictures of the puppies 6 weeks old. At puppypage you can read abot the litter and see more pictures.


SSRK Motala, judge Ove Germundsson With Touch Kosmopolitan best puppybitch out of 13 bitches in puppyclass 2. Finally she got Best Opposite Sex!! 
Congratulations Lena Rollmar kennel Deming´s!

Littersister With Touch Kookaburra was not competing but was there, chearing her sister from ringside! However we managed to get a nice new photo of Nora, 8 months old.

With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" 8 months old

The puppies are now three weeks old. New picures can be seen at puppypage.

This is girl 3, three weeks old

Today we had a visit from 8 month old With Touch Kiss of No Return.
Owners Hasse & Åsa Thulin.

With Touch Kiss of No Return almost 8 months old

SSRK Västerås, judge Karin Brostam-Berglund, 74 annonced ESS.
With Touch Just Jazz, 10 months old, debuted in the showring and got placed 6th best bitch!!
Congratulations to Jenny Åhman!

With Touch Just Jazz 10 months old

With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" 7½ months old retrieving a bird.

Turku Int Show, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland.
CACIB & Best Opposite Sex, again, to FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses!

On saturday january 14th our With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" gave birth to four puppies, one male and three bitches. All liver-white.
Father is our Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty". You can read more about the litter at puppypage, HERE.

The pup on the bottom left is the male.

Kajaani International All Breed Show, judge Paavo Mattila Finland, 48 annonced ESS.
FIN CH FIN JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses started his showseason of year 2006 by winning CACIB and Best Opposite Sex!! Moses has so far had a fantastic showcareer with 12 CACIB, 8 BOB, 10 Best opposite Sex, and he is only 2½ years old!

Many concratulations from us to Antti and Kennel Adamant´s!

With Touch Holy Moses

We wish you all a prosperous new year!
We are now starting a new page for news of year 2006 but if you are interested we have archivced last years news. You will find news of 2005 by following the link below.
News of year 2005 >>