We've recieved a Christmas greeting from With Touch Lazy Bug "Lino" with family in Norway:

"- Before Christmas I have to get my hair done, but I get soo tired. When it is finally done it's soo nice to get home and take a nap with my favourite Henrik..."

Finnish Winnershow in Helsinki; Fin Ch Fin JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses 4th best male.
Nordic Winnershow in Helsinki;Fin Ch Fin JW-04 With Touch Holy Moses 2nd best male.
Congratulations to Tarja & Antti!

At last we've got some snow here in Sweden!
This picture is taken during our walk today and it is Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty" who stretches out his legs.

We are very excited and truly looking forward to a new litter of puppies in the beginning of next year! Read more at puppypage.

Hammarö, judge Kari Granaas-Hansen, Norway.
Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty" 2nd Best Male with CC and With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" Best Opposite Sex-puppy!

Calvdale Partners In Crime
2nd Best Male with CC
With Touch Kookaburra

With Touch Ivanhoe has passed his bloodtracking test! Congratulations to owners Janne and Ingrid Moberg.

New pictures of With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" 5 months old.
More pictures in her own gallery HERE.

With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" 5 months old.

New picture of our Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty", now 20 months old,
retrieving a duck.

Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty"

We recieved wonderful news from Canada and Ch With Touch Fortune Teller "Fuzzie's" daughter Whisborne It's Magic who got Best of Breed at the enormous dog show; The Laver Mainland Dog Fanciers of British Columbia, at the Vancuver area, that was held last weekend. Judge was Tamas Jakel.
Congratulations from us!

Whisborne It's Magic
Best of Breed at The Laver Mainland Dog Fanciers of British Columbia

A new picture of our Calvdele Partners In Crime "Marty" 20 months old.

SSKR Motala, judge Anna Geschwindt-Hartwig, 73 announced ESS.
With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" BOB & BIS-3 puppyclass 1. Noras sister With Touch Kosmopolitan, owner Lena Rollmar and Kennel Deming´s, 2nd best bitchpuppy with HP. Their father, Calvdale Partners In Crime, got placed 5th best male.

New pictures of our With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" 4½ months old.

Nora 4 months old

SSKR Boden, judge Erna-Britt Nordin.
Five months old Marty-daugther Creebay Crime Story BIS puppy!! 
Congratuations to Lena Vängbo, Kennel Creebay!

Creebay Crime Story

A greeting fron Norway where the two friends Ch With Touch Fortune Teller and With Touch Lazy Bug enjoyed a sunny day together!
At the picture seen together with Linos owner Berit Flagård.

Fuzzie and Lino

A greeting from With Touch Lazy Bug "Lino" in his new home with Berit Flagård & Rune Gunleiksrud in Norway.

A greeting from Whisborne It´s Magic, daugther to our With Touch Fortune Teller "Fuzzie". Jesse, as she is called, got her International Championship weekend of Sept 24 & 25. She now has her National & International Youth Championships, and her International Championship. The pictures are from the International Shows February 5 & 6 of this year. She got her International Youth Championship, BOB, BIG-1 (under AKC judge Kathryn Cowsert) and Res BIS - Puppy, under a panel of three judges.
Congratulations from us at With Touch!

Whisborne It´s Magic  
Whisborne It´s Magic

Our new website is publiced and we move to new adress: www.withtouch.se

We recieved this nice picture of With Touch Late Date "Martti" in Finland!

Martti retrieving his first woodcook at age 3,5 months.

Congratulations to Lena Vängbo, kennel Creebay, to the succes with Fuzzie-children at SSRK Show in Västerås! What a weekend!!
Creebay Feel The Force CC & BOB, littersister Creebay Feel Free 2nd best bitch and litterbrother Creebay Fuzzy Feeling CC and 2nd best male! All three is after our S NUCH With Touch Fortune teller.

Oulu INT Show Finland, judge Marjo Jaakkola.
Best Opposite Sex and CACIB number 8 to Fin CH FinJW-04 With Touch Holy Moses!! 
Congratulations Antti och Tarja!

We wish Lena Rollmar, Kennel Deming´s, all the best with With Touch Kosmopolitan.

With Touch Kosmopolitan

With Touch Hit Or Miss took his second 1st price at tracking test!
Congratulatons to Ewa & Jan Jangsäter!

Jenny, Kennel Klovstamon, has sent us these picures of With Touch Just Jazz 5 months old. We wish them all the best in the future!

With Touch Just Jazz 5 months old  

Porvoo All Breed Show, judge Eeva Rautala, Finland.
With Touch Irish Rose's trip to Finland ended with winning her 3rd CC, BOB and BIG-4!!
Fin CH FinJW-04 With Touch Holy Moses got BOB-2 on the same show!
We're sending a huge THANK YOU to Antti with family for taking care of Mildred. And a special thank you to Antti who handled her to her win!
Photo: Hannele Pakkala

Photo: Hannele Pakkala  

Kokta Int Show, judge Ewa Nielsen, Sweden.
With Touch Irish Rose won her class and got 5th Best Bitch and reserve-CC.
Fin CH FinJW-04 With Touch Holy Moses 3rd Best Male.

We wish Mervi, at kennel Hightide's and Irene, at kennel Fariinin, in Finland all luck and succes with With Touch Late Date!

With Touch Late Date
Photo: Hightide's

We would like to introduce our two younges familymembers; With Touch Kookaburra "Nora" and With Touch Kosmopolitan "Zäta". They are both by our english import Calvdale Partners In Crime and their mother is SU(u)CH Tailwind's Esmeralda.

More about Nora and Zäta at page OUR BITCHES .

With Touch Kosmopolitan "Zäta"  
With Touch Kookaburra "Nora"  

Kouvola All Breeds Show, judge K Nieminen.
Ch With Touch Holy Moses hada great day today; BOB and Best of Group-3!! Congratulations to Antti and kennel Adamant's!
With Touch Irish Rose won intermadiate class, got 2nd best bitch and a reserve-CC.

Ch With Touch Holy Moses Best og Group-3

Hämeenlinna Int Show, judge Jukka Kuusisto.
Ch With Touch Holy Moses 2nd best male with reserve-CACIB.
With Touch Irish Rose won intermadiate, got 3rd best bitch with reserve-CC.

Ch With Touch Holy Moses make his debut with a 1st price in trackning test with impressing 44 points out of 50!! Congratulations Antti!

SKK INT Show in Ransäter, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.
Calvdale Partners In Crime won intermediate with a CK and a 4th best male. With Touch Ivenhoe got CK i open class.

Pori International All Breed, judge Gerry Hickey, Ireland.
FINUCH SU(u)CH With Touch Holy Moses Best of opposite sex & CACIB number 7!!
Congratulations to Antii and kennel Adamant's.
At the same show Antti also showed our With Touch Irish Rose to her 2nd CC in Finland. A huge Thank you! to Antti for everything you do for us! You're absolutely great!

Helsinki All Breed Show, judge Matti Tuominen.
Our With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" is staying with Antti Hokkanen in Finland for a while.
A huge thank you to Antti for showing Mildred to her 1st Finish CC and 2nd best bitch! FINUCH SU(u)CH With Touch Holy Moses got placed as Best of Opposite Sex at the same show.Yet another congratulations to Antti and kennel Adamant's!

With Touch Irish Rose
With Touch Holy Moses

Nivala INT Show, judge Kirsi Nieminen.
With Touch Holy Moses wins his 20th CC, his 7th CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex. "Moses" is now, only the day after his 2nd birthday, to be called FINUCH SU(u)CH.
Hugs and congratulations to Antti and Tarja from a very proud breeder.

FINCH SU(u)CH With Touch Holy Moses

What a weekend! BIS at Club Show with almost 200 participating dogs was Ch With Touch Fortune Tellers only 14 months old sonCreebay Fuzzy Feeling!!!
All the best to owner and breeder Lena Vängbo! Judge was breedspecialist Kate Keely.

At the same day our own Calvdale Partners In Crime won CC and Best of Opposite Sex at SKK Show in Tvååker. Judge was breedspecialist Annika Ulltveit-Moe!

BIS Club Show Creebay Fuzzy Feeling


Cert & BIM SKK Tvååker Calvdale Partners In Crime

SKK INT in Visby, judge Per Iversen.
Grand slam for With Touch Holy Moses!! CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG and finally BIS-5. Amazing!! Wha a day for Antti and kennel Adamant´s!

SSRK Rottneros, judge Frank Bjerklund.
Calvdale Partners In Crime 2nd in intermadiate with CK. With Touch Irish Rose 5th best bitch.

Antti & Moses. Foto: Veera Hovila

With Touch Hit or Miss did his first start in Open class at tracking test and got a 1st price! Congratulations to Ewa & Jan Jangsäter!

NKK INT Trondheim, judge Jean Lanning, UK.
CACIB & Best of Oppisite Sex S NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller!!
Gratulations to Janne Kirkenes, Norway!

BIM S NUCH With Fortune Teller
BIR S NUCH Trollängens Next Trip

Our bitches started at tracking test. With Touch Irish Rose passed her tracking test and got best dog of the test! With Touch Flirty Flo got a 1st price in Open class!

Saarijärvi All Breeds Show, judge Harry Tast.
With Touch Holy Moses wins CC number 18 and Best of Opposite Sex!!
Gratulations to Antti and kennel Adamant's.

With Touch Holy Moses 23 months

Oppdal All Breed Show in Norway, judge Kresten Scheel.
S NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller with BOB, BIG and BIS-2!!
Congratulations to Janne Kirknes.

A new picture of Calvdale Partners In Crime "Marty", 16 months old.

Calvdale Partners In Crime

Suonenjoki Group Show, judge Marjo Jaakkola.
CC number 17 and BIG-2 for With Touch Holy Moses, amazing!helt fantastiskt!!!
A lot of hugs to Antti and kennel Adamant´s!

Pieksämäki All Breed Show, judge Jorma Silta.
With Touch Holy Moses wins CC number 16 and Bets of opposite Sex!
Gratulations to Antti and Tarja!

Norsk Spaniel Klub, judge Meriel E. Hathaway, England.
With Touch Hitch Hiker placed as 4th best male!
Gratulations Wenche Farstad, kennel Streamside Norge.

With Touch Hitch Hiker 22 months

Hamina Int All Breed Show, judge Annukka Paloheimo.
With Touch Holy Moses CC number 15, CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex!
Gratulations, again, to kennel Adamant´s!

Helsinki Int Show, judge Per Iversen.
CC number 14, CACIB and BOB to With Touch Holy Moses!!!
S NUCH With Touch Fortune Tellers daughter Adamant´s Sweet Dreams won CC too!

With Touch Holy Moses Adamant´s Sweet Dreams

New picture of With Touch Hit or Miss (Cleavehill Lloyd´s Spirit-With Touch Easter Sweets) 22 months old. Owners are Ewa & Jan Jangsäter.

With Touch Hit or Miss 22 months

Mikkeli Group Show Finland, judge Annaliisa Heikkinen.
With Touch Holy Moses wins CC number 13, BOB and Group-2!
Congratulations to his owners Antti Hokkanen and kennel Adamant´s!

With Touch Holy Moses

Hammerfest Norge, judge Tore Fossum.
With Touch Indianapolis (SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller-SU(u)CH Tailwind´s Esmeralda) wins CC in intermadiate and then Best of Group-5!
Gratulations to Lill-Tove Ottosen in Norway!

Stange Norge, judge Rui Olivera, Portugal.
NUCh.SU(u)Ch.SNVCh.With Touch Designed For You won BOB and got Best of Group-3!!
Gratulations to Ellen Getz Wold, kennel Kahill, Norway!

At the same day we visited Norway to inseminate With Touch Easter Sweets with frozen sperm from GB SH CH NUCH DKUCH Chaigmarsh Orchid.
We are so loocking forward to this very special litter!

BIR Ch With Touch Designed For You
BIM Ursa Majors Stars And Stripes

SKK Västerås, 90 adult ESS, judge Tord Lundborg.
With Touch Ivenhoe (S NUCH With Touch Fortune Teller-SU(u)CH Tailwind´s Esmeralda) mede his debut in official class and he did absolutely great! He won intermadiate out of 16 males and got 4th best male with CC. Congratulations to owners Ingrid & Janne Moberg!
With Touch Hit Or Miss got 2nd in intermaediate class with CK, only beaten by Ivenhoe. Gratulations to owners Ewa & Jan Jangsäter!!

With Touch Ivenhoe 18 months old

Martys first trackning and this is the result!!

With Touch Georgia has compeded in trackning for the first time and has now moved on to the next class. Lots of gratulations to owner Ingrid Röjelid!

With Touch Georgia

Prestigeous Crufts, judge Mrs Y Billows
Marty´s litter brother Calvdale Call Of The Search wins rec-CC only 13 month old!! Marty´s dad Calvdale Softly Softly JW second Limit - Dog and aunt Calvdale Claire Blake JW second Limit - Bitch! Big congratulations to Mrs Nicola Calvert kennel Calvdale!!

The Southern ESS Society Championship Show, judge Mrs Lesley Bloomfield.
Martys gorgeus father Calvdale Softly Softly JW " Twist" won CC number 22, BOB and BIS. Martys very succesfull brother Calvdale Call Of The Search "Jacob" won juniorclass. Jacob is ESS puppy of the year in England 2004.

Calvdale Softly Softly JW
24 månader
Calvdale Call Of The Search
12 månader

Marty (Calvdale Partners In Crime) is now eyetested with good result. Now we are looking forward to puppies by him! Keep your eyes open on PUPPYPAGE!!!

Calvdale Partners In Crime has x-rayed his hips with great result: A-A!
We are so happy!!

SSRK Motala, 65 adult ESS, judge Paul Stanton.
Calvdale Partners In Crime won juniorclass with CK and ended as 4th best male.
With Touch Irish Rose got placed 2nd with CK in a large intermadiate class.

Calvdale Partners In Crime
11 months
With Touch Irish Rose
15 months

SSRK Hallstahammar, 85 adult ESS, judge Patric Ragnarsson.
With Touch Hit Or Miss made his debut in the showring and ended as 2nd best in intermadiate, mith CK!! Gratulations to Ewa & Jan Jangsäter!
Our own With Touch Irish Rose, 15 months old, made her debut in intermediate and ended as 4th with CK, out of 21 bitches. Well done!

With Touch Hit Or Miss

With Touch Holy Moses began the new year by winning his 12th CC, CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex at Kajaani INT Show!!
Yet another huge congratulations to Antti Hokkanen and kennel Adamant´s, Finland!

BIR Baskethill´s Highland Blossom
BIM With Touch Holy Moses