This is our first and very eagerly awaited litter after lovely balck/white english import Calvdale Car Chase "Chase". He is uncomplicaded and friendly and gets along well with other dogs. He is keen, with good search and a natural retriever. He has been a wonderful playmate to our last two litters, something we value highly. His favourite position here at home is on his masters lap...
Chase has A-hips, eye tested clear and after fucosiosis free parents. His parents are also tested clear from glaucoma and cord 1.

Calvdale Car Chase

Kahill´s Damsel in Distress ”Peach” will be three years old this summer and this will be her first litter. Peach and SVCH SU(u)CH NUCH With Touch Irish Rose "Mildred" has a similar personality and their pedigrees has quite a few bits in common.
Peach is a curious and friendly bitch who will welcome any visitor; human as well as canine and she adore puppies. She is very keen and a quick learner. She happily hunts both bird, rabbit and deer. She hasn't been shown much but has some placements with HP (Price og Honour) from novice class. Peach has B-hips and is after fucosidosis free parents. She has been tested free of glaucoma.

Kahill´s Damsel in Distress

"Peach" gave birth to her little peaches on the evening of april 8th 2009. An easy and quick delivery and only four hours later all seven puppies was born. The litter consists of a black tricolor male, a liver tricolor male, a black/white bitch, a black tricolor bitch and three liver/white bitches.

scarlet   Silvry Moon
WT Scarlet   WT Silv'ry Moon
Stardust   Swing
WT Stardust   WT Swing on a Star
Sultan   Stars n stripes
WT Sultan of Swing (male)   WT Stars and Stripes (male)
WT Sweet Lorraine    

WT Scarlet

Silvry Moon
WT Silv'ry Moon

WT Swing on a Star

WT Sweet Lorraine

WT Stardust

WT Sultan of Swing (male)

Stars n stripes
WT Stars and Stripes (male)